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  1. Counselor (In Home Family Counseling Specialist)

    tax & Roth options; employer match after 1 year * Student Loan Refinancing Program * Public Service Loan
  2. Mental Health Therapist/Counselor

    have positions available for Counselors, Mental Health therapistsPublic Student Loan Forgiveness Comprehensive
  3. Financial Counselor / Certified Application Counselor

    Certified Application Counselor * Bilingual in Spanishapproved site, eligible for the submission of loan forgiveness applicat...
  4. Loan Counselor Bilingual

    Operations Manager, the Loans Counselor Bilingual (Arabicreduction explaining new loan terms. * Assist refugees
  5. Addiction Counselor

    Up to $250,000 Student Loan Forgiveness Programhighly skilled Addiction Counselors to join our dedicated outpatient treatment

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